On Emily

Emily-Anna &AmeliaWhile living in Wisconsin, Emily traded Till We Meet Again for a 17.1hh warmblood named Rosselini, with the hopes of again trying for the Young Rider team in 2007. However, the pair experienced a number of training setbacks and eventually Rossi's lameness issues caused him to retire to Fairview Farm.

Emily met Michael Nelson, the son of the Farm's farrier and current trainer, Joe Nelson during her senior year of college. They were married March 27, 2010 and have since welcomed two girls: Glorianna Marie on December 1, 2013 and Amelia Renee on October 27, 2015.

In July 2015, the family moved to Missouri in the hopes of furthering Michael's career as a blacksmith/bladesmith. In April 2016, Michael was hired as a full-time blacksmith fabricator with Advanced Welding and Ornamental Iron in Springfield, MO. The couple purchased a property in the Mark Twain Forest the following month and look forward to starting Michael's knife-making business together. On her visits back to the farm, Emily enjoys checking in on the ponies' progress and consulting with Rebekah Savage and Joe Nelson on training matters.

Rebekah Savage<

Rebekah Savage

Graduated from William Woods University in Fulton, MO. Double majored in Communications (PR and journalism) and Equine General Studies (art and equine media). Currently live in Timewell, IL with fiance Ryon McNeff and our hyper-active dog, Sage.

A Brief History

Emily as a youngster

In 1992, five-year old Emily Lynn Mitchell decided that life without ponies would not be very much fun. So her Mom (Jan) and Dad (Jerry) took her to Copper Bit Ranch, owned by Joan and Tom Harms for her very first riding lessons. Emily fell in love with a black Welsh Mountain Pony named Master Chief Buckeye and wanted to buy him. On Emily's 7th birthday, after two years of lessons, she got her wish and "Chief" become her first pony and her most prized possession.

The Mitchell familyOver the next couple of years, Emily rode Chief and showed in halter and walk/trot/canter classes at local shows and county fairs. They were doing very well when Emily attended an eventing clinic with Michael Paige. Emily decided that she wanted to try Hunter shows and began working with Chief to become a Hunter pony, but Chief had other ideas. When Emily and her parents realized that Chief was not suitable for jumping, they began looking for another pony.

young Emily jumpingIn 1998, the Mitchell's purchased Kirby's Dreamland, a 13.2hh Welsh cross. Emily worked with Kirby under Jan Rock at Huntermark Farm. Within two years, Emily competed in the National Pony Finals in Asheville, North Carolina and finished in the top 15 in the Pony Medal Finals. During this time, the Mitchell's arranged lessons with Klaus Beisenthal to help with Kirby's movement under saddle. After just a few lessons, Klaus asked Emily to ride his German Sport Pony stallion, Makuba in Dressage. Emily agreed, but with the understanding that she was a Hunter rider - not a Dressage rider. Within months, Emily decided that Dressage was a lot more challenging and rewarding than Hunters. She learned to appreciate the fine art of Dressage during the three years she rode Makuba, going from showing Training level to schooling Prix St. Georges. Although she was unable to show him in the FEI levels, she won consistently from Training to 3rd level and still carries the lessons she learned with him.

Emily moved her ponies closer to home for her last two years of high school. During that time, she met and adopted Bavarian Dream, a 17hh Bavarian Warmblood gelding, from Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Center in Oregon, Illinois. Emily shared a great partnership with Dream until his retirement in 2006 after two very successful show seasons. Together, the pair earned a Reserve Championship at the Prix St. Georges level at 2004 Regionals and another Reserve Championship at the Intermediare I level at 2005 Regionals. Dream is enjoying his retirement and trying to keep his pasturemate (Rosselini) in line at his new home near Camden.

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